Invented in Italy, Espresso, in its purest form, is the forcing of water through a weighed dose of finely ground coffee over a certain period of time. These extracted "shots" can be drunk on their own, or used as the base layer of a range of drinks. Espresso drinks are becoming increasingly popular in the specialty coffee movement. Espresso equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, when you are deciding upon machinery, contact our consulting team they will walk you through the process. 


Kalita Wave Pour-Over

The Kalita Wave pour-over is a Japanese designed brewing system with a flat-bottom design, to give a more even extraction. Using nothing more than a measured dose of water and gravity, this filter system gives a delicate tea-like brew, and showcases flavor notes and the quality of the coffee. We recommend the pour-over to be enjoyed without milk or sugar. The pour-over is ideal for home use. Need a brew kit? Pick one up, here.



The Aeropress is a favorite method of ours. Combining full immersion brew time, with a hand pressed air pocket, this filter method gives off full bodied flavor with a crisp clean finish. Delivering one cup at a time, the Aeropress is ideal for brewing while outdoors or traveling.