Daniel Moreno


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Producers: The Moreno Brothers.

Region: Santa Barbara.

Process: Fully Washed.

Roast: Medium.

Notes: Cocoa, Honey, Almonds, Stone Fruits.

Mas Morenos is a multi-farm field blend from the Moreno family farms. In 1963, the Moreno family patriarch Daniel Moreno purchased his first farm, El Campo, near the town of El Cedra in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras. In 2018, Daniel sadly passed away but El Campo is still in production and is increasingly being managed amongst his sons: Miguel, Mario, Jesus, Gerardo, Olvin, Mabel and Danny, who also manage their own farms. The Moreno brothers along with the younger generation of the Moreno family, have created a coffee farming dynasty in Santa Barbara. Working together with their late father’s contributions and legacy, they have inspired many of their neighbors and other farmers around Honduras to farm specialty coffee. The Moreno family believes producing coffee that tastes fruity is not very complicated. But to produce coffee that is clean, clear, fresh and fruity – now that’s an art.

The Moreno family has dedicated this coffee to the legacy of their father and it symbolizes all their hard work blended together. With an annual harvest of only 32 bags, CRR is very honored to be able to share this coffee with you.

Brew Method: Espresso, Filter, French Press

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