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Monty Koludrovic

Born in Byron Bay- Monty was raised in a household full of activity, sport, culture and food.... glorious food. At age 16 Monty moved to Sydney to get away from some of the more unsavory aspects of small town syndrome. Over the years he has traveled abroad as a private chef, doing private catering, cooking for well renowned restaurants, and earning multiple Chefs Hats. Eventually Monty began his tenure as State Judge for NSW in the Delicious Produce Awards whilst working at Icebergs.

From the pristine sands of Bondi Beach Monty, Jaclyn (wife & pastry chef) and the 2 kids packed up and took on the global dining scene with a gutsy move to Los Angeles to front Botanical Hospitality Group as Culinary Director. The first venue to open was Strings of Life Café on Melrose. Then a relaunch of the stalwart EP/LP with a Modern American menu shake up. Monty then went on to assume his role as hands on Executive Chef of the new Hollywood darling Grandmaster Recorders; An incredible venue Opened at the end of 2021 in Hollywood. Grandmaster recorders sees Monty bring his New World Italian to a brand new audience and has been lauded by critics and diners alike. 2023 sees Monty tackle his next exciting challenge… a never before seen concept encompassing

world class restaurants, live music venue, recording studio members club right in the heart of