Common Room Roasters is a Specialty Coffee Roastery, offering both single origin and blended coffees from all around the world.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, now located in Long Beach, California - Common Room Roasters is a transparent operation of sourcing, roasting, and brewing coffee.

At CRR, we believe that great coffee starts with the highest quality beans, which are then elevated by our team’s meticulous roasting practices and brewing methodologies. 

We source the finest specialty green bean from reputable, sustainable farmers all over the world. We roast on premier equipment, and  brew using industry leading machinery.  We provide our team of baristas and wholesale partners the tools and knowledge to produce a delicious and truly unforgettable coffee experience for the customer.

Our team at CRR is proud to offer a beautiful selection of fresh coffees for a wide range of brewing methods and taste preferences all year round. Whether it’s an award winning blend for a wholesale partner or a rare single origin brick for a weekend pour over at home, all of our coffee is roasted fresh to order.  

This is Specialty Coffee.