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Coffee mugs and tumblers can make great gift items for all kinds of people who drink coffee on the regular, especially those who value where their coffee comes from, how the coffee is roasted, and the process in which the coffee is brewed. We’ve made a fun list of coffee mugs and tumblers for all the different specialty coffee drinkers in your life. 

1. Kinto Travel Tumbler

For the City Commuter

Kinto, a well known Japanese home goods brand, has made waves in the US with its functional, convenient, and stylish products including its popular Travel Tumbler. Kinto says these are “designed for the coffee drinker who leads a conscious and flexible lifestyle''- for those who appreciate subtle flavors of single origin coffee and tea, or like to drink mineral water at the temperature that is just right for your body” - which sounds all too familiar. It lives up to the hype with its elegant design and versatile drinking experience, perfect for running around town and getting things done. You know what they say - when you look good, you feel good. See more Kinto Tumblers at Kinto USA

Kinto Travel Tumbler on desk while person works on laptop in coffee shop.

2. CRR ‘This is Specialty Coffee’ Mug

For the Co-worker Coffee Connoisseur

We all know that one coworker who is really into their coffee. They’ll be able to fill up a big cup of joe for a long day at the office with this 16oz coffee mug. It’s well constructed from matte black stoneware, making it great for everyday use. Plus the co-workers won’t have to ask what’s in the mug…

person drinks coffee out of coffee mug that reads "This is Specialty Coffee"

3. Cool Beans Glass Tumbler

For those who enjoy their “Cold Brews”

Crafted for daily iced lattes, afternoon cold brew drinkers, the 5 o’clock beverage, and those who like a good dad joke. Perfect for that person who enjoys their summertime coffees and hoppy beverages - the Cool Beans Glass Tumbler even has etched nucleation on the bottom of the glass to promote any carbonated drink.  

Person holding Cool Beans glass filled with cold brew.

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4. Happy Camper Camp Mug

For the Weekend Camper

Lightweight, compact, and sturdy - the Happy Camper Camp mug made is for the camping barista. Great for the Aeropress or a camp pour over kit for those looking for a clean flavorful cup, even in the woods. If they want to keep it simple, throw a packet of Specialty Instant Coffee in with some hot water and they'll be off to a great start on a cool morning around the campfire.

person holding happy camper mug

 5. CRR Ecoffee Cup

For the Environmentalist

The CRR Ecoffee Cup is made with natural fiber, corn starch, and plant-based resin. It’s lightweight and has no plastic aftertaste, plus the Ecoffee Cup is BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free. The natural fibers used in the cup construction is an upcycled byproduct previously burned by farmers and the material is plentiful without requiring forest, food, or compost-compromise farming. This cup not only promotes the mission of “choosing to re-use” but also is environmentally conscious in its design, ideal for those who are trying to make a difference with each small decision to help make a cleaner and greener planet. Learn more about  Ecoffee Cup's story and mission.

person holding e-coffee cup

6. Kinto To-go Tumbler

For the Coffee Shop Regular

Kinto has gained a following for its stylish coffee-brewing gear and kitchenware and continues to impress with their high quality drinkware. Keep that coffee shop regular looking hip with this vacuum insulated tumbler which retains the temperature and flavor of the coffee for hours and the tapered design allows for easy transport to and from the coffee shop. Get that coffee shop regular in and out in style with this to-go tumbler, and maybe the baristas will remember their name. Shop more Kinto Coffee Cups and Tumblers at Kinto-USA.

Kinto To-go coffee tumbler on desk

7. Acme Espresso Range

For Bringing the Cafe Experience Home

Acme coffee cups were designed by specialty coffee professionals who wanted a design forward, beautiful cup and saucer that were durable enough to withstand daily cafe life and also offer a great cup to pour latte art into. The Acme Espresso Range cups offer a cafe experience with their thick construction at the base for better heat retention which opens up to its finer lip and taper design to allow for a better drinking experience. Offered in packs of 6 and a multitude of color options that are designed to be stacked, you’ll be able to give a cafe vibe that can be enjoyed in the comfort of their home. Designed for third wave espresso standards, you’ll find Acme cups used at the Common Room Roasters Tasting Room. Explore Acme's full range of products at Acme-USA.

Acme coffee cup next to coffee bag at roastery. 

Reusable coffee mugs and tumblers can make great gifts but are also a great way to combat single use cup use. Plus most shops will offer discounts for bringing your own reusable mugs - you can say it's the gift that keeps on giving.

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The Kinto Travel Tumbler is designed for individuals with a conscious and flexible lifestyle. Its functional, convenient, and stylish features make it perfect for city commuters who appreciate the subtle flavors of single-origin coffee or tea on the go.

The CRR mug, constructed from matte black stoneware, is perfect for the co-worker coffee connoisseur. With a 16oz capacity, it's suitable for a long day at the office, and its sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to everyday use.

Crafted for those who enjoy cold brews, iced lattes, and afternoon beverages, the Cool Beans Glass Tumbler is ideal for individuals who appreciate a good dad joke and the nuances of summertime coffees. It even features etched nucleation to enhance carbonated drinks.