Best Breakfast in Orange County

Best Breakfast in Orange County

Orange County's breakfast scene is buzzing with innovation and creativity, offering a plethora of options that cater to contemporary tastes. From beautiful cafes to chic brunch spots, Orange County has embraced the modern culinary landscape. These restaurants are some of the most exciting breakfast destinations in Orange County, highlighting the unique experiences and flavors they offer.


Ahba in Laguna Beach (and soon Costa Mesa!) offers a delightful coastal dining experience with fresh and flavorful options. This charming eatery serves innovative toast combinations, Shakshuka, and an Egg Sammie that result in a delicious start to the day. In addition to their breakfast offering, they serve fresh City Block Blend by Common Room Roasters and a variety of beautifully crafted cocktails.

Haute Cakes

Stationed in the heart of Newport Beach, Haute Cakes is a chic cafe that embodies contemporary elegance. The minimalist decor and laid-back ambiance create a serene backdrop for gourmet breakfast dishes. Savor their Blueberry Lemon Ricotta Hautecakes or Nutella-stuffed French toast, all of which are delicious. Complement your meal with a fresh cup of City Block Blend or Darkside Blend for an amazing breakfast experience.

Milligram Coffee and Kitchen

Tucked away in Costa Mesa's vibrant neighborhood, Milligram Coffee and Kitchen offers a modern twist on classic breakfast favorites. The sleek design, combined with Common Room Roasters Brunswick Blend and a variety of Single Origins which sets the stage for a memorable breakfast experience. Their Avocado Toast, Breakfast Ciabatta, and Mushroom Toast are all a sensation. Pair it with a meticulously crafted cocktail or fresh brewed coffee for a perfect start to your day.

Santa Ana Brunch Club

For those seeking a vibrant and lively brunch atmosphere, Santa Ana Brunch Club is the place to be. This trendy spot boasts eclectic decor and a dynamic vibe that's perfect for socializing. Their diverse menu features everything from Chilaquiles to an Avocado Benedict, each dish bursting with flavor and creativity. Enjoy a fresh cup of City Block Blend or Darkside Blend alongside a mimosa flight or a signature cocktail with your meal to elevate your brunch game. 

Poached Kitchen

Poached Kitchen in Irvine (and now Anaheim!) offers a fresh and contemporary dining experience that focuses on fresh ingredients and innovative flavors. The bright and airy space, adorned with modern decor, invites guests to relax and enjoy a delicious breakfast. Poached Kitchen offers a range of Benedicts, Scrambles, and Breakfast Classics that all taste as good as they look. Pair it with a fresh glass of orange juice or a cup of City Block Blend or Darkside Blend by Common Room Roasters. 

Outpost Kitchen

Embodying the laid-back Aussie lifestyle, Outpost Kitchen in Costa Mesa offers a relaxed and stylish dining environment. The outdoor seating area and contemporary decor create a casual yet chic atmosphere that's perfect for enjoying a leisurely breakfast. Their creative menu features dishes like the Bam Bam Burrito, Steak & Eggs Skillet, and the Aussie Scramble each crafted with a modern twist. Elevate your meal with a Coconut Coffee Martini, Limoncello Spritz, or a coffee using Common Room Roasters City Block Blend

Nick's Restaurant

Overlooking the picturesque Laguna Beach coastline, Nick's Restaurant offers a sophisticated dining experience with a modern twist on classic breakfast dishes. The elegant decor, combined with attentive service, creates a luxurious atmosphere that's perfect for a special occasion breakfast. From fluffy pancakes to gourmet breakfast burritos, Nick's menu offers a refined take on comfort food. Pair your meal with a fresh cup of City Block Blend,  Darkside Blend, or a brunch cocktail for a lovely start to your day.


Orange County's breakfast scene is a testament to its culinary diversity and innovation. Whether you're a local looking for a trendy brunch spot or a visitor eager to explore the modern culinary landscape, these restaurants have something to satisfy every palate. So, the next time you're in search of a memorable breakfast experience, be sure to check out these modern and exciting eateries in Orange County.


Some of the best breakfast spots in Orange County known for their innovative and creative dishes include Ahba in Laguna Beach, Haute Cakes in Newport Beach, Milligram Coffee and Kitchen in Costa Mesa, and Santa Ana Brunch Club. These eateries offer unique menu items such as innovative toast combinations, Nutella-stuffed French toast, and Chilaquiles, providing a fresh and exciting start to your day.

You can find modern brunch cafes with unique menu items in Orange County at places like Poached Kitchen in Irvine and Anaheim, Outpost Kitchen in Costa Mesa, and Nick's Restaurant in Laguna Beach. These cafes feature contemporary decor and serve creative dishes like the Bam Bam Burrito, Avocado Benedict, and gourmet breakfast burritos, ensuring a memorable brunch experience.

Orange County restaurants that serve the best gourmet breakfast options include Haute Cakes in Newport Beach, Nick's Restaurant in Laguna Beach, and Poached Kitchen in Irvine and Anaheim. These establishments offer a range of gourmet dishes such as Blueberry Lemon Ricotta Hautecakes, fluffy pancakes, and various Benedicts, all prepared with high-quality ingredients and meticulous attention to flavor and presentation.