DJ ZTrip

The CRR Ambassador Series aims to spotlight what motivates each ambassador to do what they do and how their daily coffee plays a role in it. If CRR was a group of people, our CRR Ambassadors would represent this group - from musicians, athletes, designers, and artists to entrepreneurs, parents, and friends. We like to think that coffee is what brings us all together.

We spent the afternoon in San Diego with CRR Ambassador DJ Z-Trip and came away inspired by the dedication and passion he has when approaching his craft. The importance of consistency and staying true to yourself while always being open minded whether it’s exploring new sounds or coffee flavors, Z-Trip reminded us how music and coffee have many parallels. His attention to detail and never ending pursuit towards creating music is how we try to approach coffee - making sure to execute all the details and nuance from start to finish - from farm to cup - is what makes music and coffee standout from the crowd.

This is Specialty Coffee. 

Watch: CRR Ambassador Series, Episode 2: DJ Z-Trip “ …Standing Out While Blending In…”

Head over to Z-Trip's CRR Ambassador page to see what coffee he is currently enjoying the most for his daily pour over coffee.


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