Hello, my name is Betim Berisha of BBI Autosport. A quick one about me: I am an ex-pat of Seattle Washington and landed in Huntington Beach back in the summer of 2003. I uprooted all that I knew to chase my obsession and dream of working, racing, and modifying Porsche 911’s (Fun fact: most of the 911s are sold in California!). I ended up getting a job with Porsche within their racing division. It was an awesome experience, traveling all over the world working as an engineer for my favorite brand. It wasn’t enough…

I left the corporate world to continue to seek that undefinable but distinct burn in my belly. I started BBI in the summer of 2006 in a tiny shop to see if I had what it took to build a business doing what I love. Fourteen years later… here we are, still feeling like we are just getting started and that “undefinable” fire called Passion continues to burn hotter and hotter.

Coming from the Northwest, coffee is simply a part of life. I love the passion that exudes within the coffee industry along with the craft, attention to detail and care. That being said, I end up spending a lot more time than I should at Common Room. I am attracted to anybody who is passionate about their craft and you will not find a shortage of that here. What I do for a living requires massive amounts of thought, focus, creativity, and precise action. I am drawn to the many parallels between what I do and what the Common Room team do day in and day out. It’s my jam.