Don’t let my heavily Hawaiian name fool you.

Born and raised in Costa Mesa, I am a usual installment at the Common Room Costa Mesa location and a Californian through and through. For the majority of my career I have worked for various companies in the Surf and Sports industries (Hurley, What Youth, IMG) and while I love surfing, please, don’t ask me for surf lessons. That’s a better question for fellow Common Room ambassador and surf wizard Punker Pat Towersey.

You’re more likely to see me running with the Common Room run club or enjoying vinyl being spun live at the shop on Saturday mornings with some out of town buddies that might be a bit dusty from shenanigans we chased down the night before. All that aside, I’m a marketing specialist ready to dive into anything that comes my way and tend to smile so much my face hurts.

If you frequent any of the establishments Passport supplies then I hope to see you around.