The CRR Ambassador Series aims to spotlight what motivates each ambassador to do what they do and how their daily coffee plays a role in it. If CRR was a group of people, our CRR Ambassadors would represent this group - from musicians, athletes, designers, and artists to entrepreneurs, parents, and friends. We like to think that coffee is what brings us all together.

We sat down and enjoyed a cup of coffee with CRR Ambassador Mike Brophy and walked away admiring his perspective on life and the emphasis he puts towards enjoying all of life’s small moments, including his morning coffee. His ability to connect with others in the local community while making sure to spread love, positivity, and good energy every minute of the day is something we try to embody at CRR. Brophy reminds us to stay present in the moment and be thankful for our friends and family… and to drink good coffee while doing so. 

Watch: CRR Ambassador Series, Episode 1: Mike Brophy "...Staying Present in the Moment..."


Head over to Mike Brophy's CRR Ambassador page to see what coffee he is currently enjoying the most for his morning pour over. 


The speaker emphasizes the importance of shedding love, positive vibes, and good energy as they age. They prioritize staying present in the moment with family and friends.

Coffee is significant to the speaker as it facilitates conversation and connection. The speaker appreciates the special energy that coffee carries and enjoys the bonding experience that comes with drinking it, whether in a work meeting or with friends in a park.

Common Room represents fresh, quality coffee to the speaker. They enjoy visiting the back of the coffee shop to see the roasting process and experience the energy. The speaker believes that the fresh, quality coffee from Common Room is superior to pre-packaged, pre-ground coffee.